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Author Topic: The Venus Project - June updates  (Read 69 times)

Offline Federico Lambrés

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The Venus Project - June updates
« on: 2016, June 25, 03:25:44 PM »
Friends of The Venus Project,
Each month, we would like to offer you updates on activities that have been
happening around The Venus Project and to provide you with sources where
you can get relevant information about us so you can learn more about our
goals. This month, we are excited to share with you:

Jacque Fresco's Classic Audio Lectures [3] are a valuable source with
crucial information about The Venus Project's proposals and the global,
holistic, socio-economic system described as a Resource-Based Economy [4].
Almost all lectures were recorded between mid 1950s and mid 1980s. The
recording devices at the time lacked the present sophistication and most
recorded audio lectures contain tape noise and additional irrelevant sounds
such as 'cars passing by' that need to be cleaned up for better

We set up a project named CLASSIC AUDIO LECTURES SOUND CORRECTION and we
are openly inviting all MIXING & MASTERING ENGINEERS to apply for the
volunteering position. All we need is one or two pieces of your work and a
short description about them. This is a project for intermediate to
advanced mixing/mastering engineers but we want to get to know all
musicians too, so feel free to tell us if it's a song you wrote and/or
sang; if you played an instrument and/or programmed some synthesizers; if
you arranged and/or produced the music; if you recorded/mixed/mastered the
production; or if you did all of the above. Also, what software you use
e.g. DAW, specific plugins, software instruments, etc.

Application Form
Fill in the application form and make sure you provide us with link(s)
related to your work. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

In 2010, during The Venus Project World Lecture Tour, Jacque Fresco
delivered what is considered to be one of his most impactful speeches. The
event took place in the Clarion Hotel in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.
The hundreds of people were initially captured by Roxanne Meadows'
introduction of The Venus Project and a Resource Based Economy, and shortly
after were left mesmerized by Mr. Fresco's lecture. Although the duration
of the introduction and the lecture went for just over an hour, Mr. Fresco
and Ms. Meadows remained for another hour to answer many questions that
came from the audience. They covered topics such as "What would be the
incentive for people to do the jobs that seem unrewarding?", "How do fight
the power the established order has over us?", "How are goods and services
distributed to people?", "What will determine the amount and variation of
goods and services being produced?" and many others.

Watch the lecture

The book elaborates an anti-war and one-world vision that is very difficult
to oppose. Indeed, its statements reflect some of the most enlightened
views in the world today, with its staunch opposition to nationalism.
Conflict, Fresco states, is now totally unacceptable and dangerous because
of war's extreme human and environmental costs. Even more appealing is
Jacque's encouragement that we treat the world as an interrelated system
with all its people as one family.

Purchase the Audiobook

The Venus Project, Inc., 21 Valley Lane, Venus, Florida 33960, United
info@thevenusproject.com | +1863-465-0321 [14] | www.thevenusproject.com

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